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Strooder masterbatch to colour filament from the Strooder filament maker
Yellow strooder masterbatch for colouring 3D printer filamentwhite strooder masterbatch for colouring 3D printer filamentblue strooder masterbatch for colouring 3D printer filamentblack strooder masterbatch for colouring 3D printer filament3D printed multicoloured lizard

Strooder MasterBatch

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Strooder masterbatch in White, Blue, Red, Yellow or Black  to colour your ABS or PLA 3D printer pellets. Comes in 50g bags, enough for 5kg of pellets

Strooder Masterbatch in five colours compatible with our our ABS & PLA 3D printer filament pellets. Strooder MasterBatch colours come in 50g bags of either White, Red, Blue, Yellow or Black.

The MasterBatch is mixed in a ratio or 1:100 with either ABS or PLA pellets and the five different colours mean that you can mix almost any colour. Each 50g bag is enough to colour 5kg of 3D printer plastic pellets.

Strooder MAsterbatch can be used to colour your strooder filament extruder ABS and PLA pellets

The Strooder Masterbatch, along with the ABS & PLA pellets are designed for use with the Strooder filament maker but can be used in conjunction with other thermoplastic pellets, although you will need to experiment.

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Filament type



Black, Cyan, Magenta, White, Yellow




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