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PTFE tubing 1m of 2mm ID 3mm OD

Price: £ 5.1 (£4.25 + £0.85 VAT)

PTFE tubing for 3D printing sold in 1m lengths of low friction tubing with an ID of 2mm and OD of 3mm suitable for 1.75mm filament extruders

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We have 1m of high quality PTFE tubing, manufactured in the UK, for use in extruders. This tubing is suitable for 1.75mm filament 3D printers having an inner diameter of 2mm and an outer diameter of 3mm. PTFE tubing is used to guide your filament through the extruder body to the hot end. We also stock PTFE with a 2mmID and 4mmOD.

PTFE is a low friction flouropolymer with high Chemical and electrical resistance. Our tubing is made in the United Kingdom for medical, electronic and instrumentation applications and so is extruded with extremely tight tolerances.

3D printer PTFE tubing specifications

  • Material: PTFE

  • ID: 2mm

  • OD:3mm

  • Length: 1m

  • Working Temperature: Up to 260C

  • Coefficient of Friction (dry with steel): 0.05-0.2

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