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LokBuild print surface

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The Lokbuild print surface is an easy to use 3d printer build surface that allows you to print with multiple materials and get great adhesion and low warping, even on ABS

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LokBuild 3D printer build surface is designed to make 3D printing easy, reducing the pain of first layer adhesion problems.

One issue that you may encounter using your FDM 3D printer is first layer adhesion. Whilst problems with getting your 3D prints to stick to the print bed are in part down to having a level print bed and also a good nozzle to print head height a big cause of this problem is down to the print bed surface its self.

the advantages of using LokBuild are:

  • It improves model adhesion
  • Reduces warping
  • It is a durable and long lasting print surface
  • It protects your build plate
  • Easy removal of your prints
  • One build surface for multiple materials
  • It’s easy to install

LokBuild print surfaces are available in a range of sizes: 153mm x 153mm (6″); 203mm x 203mm (8″); 305mm x 305mm (12″)

How to use the LokBuild build surface

LokBuild is very easy to install and use. Once you try it for yourself you will wonder why you have spent so much time endlessly layering Glue stick or hairspray.

Installing your print surface

  1. Wipe down the build platform
  2. Trim the LokBuild surface (if necessary) to match the shape of your print surface. You can use either scissors or a craft knife.
  3. Remove the adhesive backing and apply to your build plate. To do this it is best to start from one end and work your way to the other side smoothing it down as you go.
  4. Don’t forget to adjsut the printers nozzle height and check the build surface is level. When setting the nozzle height please bear in mind that Lokbuild works better without squashing the filament into the surface so you can position your nozzle further away from the print surface than you are probably use to.

Cleaning your LokBuild Surface

One of the great things about Lokbuild is that you don’t need to clean it very often. If you do feel the need to clean however then use alcohol wipes, something with a low percentage of Isopropyll.

Materials tested with the LokBuild print surface

  • ABS
  • PLA
  • HIPS
  • PET
  • Colorfabb XT
  • ColorFabb nGen
  • ColorFabb HT
  • Colorfabb XY-CF20
  • Woodfill
  • Bronzefill
  • Copperfill
  • Brassfill
  • Polymaker PC-Plus
  • Polymaker PC-Max
  • Polymaker Polyflex
  • Ninjaflex

LokBuild Print surface reduces warping


6", 8", 12"




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