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Print Bed Tape for the Da Vinci Junior

Price: £ 10.5 (£8.75 + £1.75 VAT)

Spare Print bed tape for the Da Vinci Junior 3D printer, includes 10 sheets of XYZ printing Da Vinci Junior Print bed tape

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Genuine, Spare Da Vinci junior bed tape. The packs include 10 square sheets of da vinci junior print bed tape to secure your 3D prints to the printing platform.

How to fit Print Bed tape to your Da Vinci Junior 3D printer

Please watch the video below for guidance on how to fit your Da Vinci junior bed tape, half way through is some guidance on fitting the Print bed sheets to your Da Vinci junior Build Platform.

Essentially, XYZ printing’s recommended technique is to peel the backing from one corner and then to stick that corner to your build plate. Then slowly stick the print bed tape moving in a diagnol direction whilst peeling off the backing tape.


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