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BCN3D Sigma R19 Upgrade Kit

Price: £ 529.2 (£441.00 + £88.2 VAT)

Upgrade your BCN3D Sigma 3D printers with the latest improvements of the R19 with the official BCN3D upgrade Kit – Improved extrusion consistency

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The R19 Sigma Upgrade Kit is BCN3D giving the opportunity for their users to upgrade their Sigma with the latest Sigma developments. The Sigma R19 upgrade kit is characterized by a renewed extrusion system that ensures the highest printing performance and a refined UX & GUI, which gives an even smoother and more intuitive operation of the Sigma. Therefore, owners of the Original or R17 Sigma can update their machine with the new features incorporated into the Sigma R19.

Why buy the Sigma R19 Upgrade Kit?

Essentially, the kit gives you the latest BCN3D Sigma features without having to buy the latest R19 Sigma.

The e3D hotends included in the pack have been optimised by the global hotend design specialists to ensure reliable and consistent extrusion for great results.

Filament run out sensors prevent a common cause of print failure, running out of filament mid print. The run out sensors are mechanical switches, that once triggered, will automatically pause the print job and notify the user so that new filament can be installed.

Dual gear feeder by Bondtech are incorporated into the extruder assembly. The gears, made from CNC machined tooled aluminium provide incredible grip, reducing grinding and improving the smoothness and consistency of filament feed.

Whats in the box?

included in the R19 Sigma Upgrade kit

  1. 2 x Filament runout sensor sets
  2. 2 x Bowden entry parts
  3. Set of shims to allow printing in Mirror and Duplication Mode
  4. 1 x Industrial microSD with firmware files
  5. Set of calibration guages
  6. 1 x 2mm hex key
  7. 2 x Extruder subsystem with BondTech Gears
  8. 2 x 0.4mm Hotends by E3D
  9. 2 x Calibrated Stepper Drivers
  10. 1 x 5.5mm Socket Wrench
  11. 4 x Black Clips

The Kit is compatible with any version of the BCN3D Sigma (except the R19 itself as these upgrades are already included as standard.







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