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The BCN3D sigma dual extruder 3d printer - Get great results, Print complex shapes - Winner of 3D hubs Workhorse 2017 Award!


BCN3D Technologies is a manufacturer of consumer and professional 3D printers. BCN3D 3D printers are designed to be open source, using open source software and use an open source 3D printer filament system.

BCN3D are based in Spain and is a Fundació CIM project, a commercial spin-off from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · Barcelona Tech (UPC) with the purpose of transferring engineering and technology to the private sector.

BCN3D have a great reputation for building high precision 3D printers to provide quality and consistent 3D printing solutions for companies, schools, designers and educational institutions.

The BCN3D Sigma is one of the highest rated 3D printers on 3D hubs. The BCN3D sigma also features an impressive range of swappable hotends with different nozzle resolutions, to fine-tune your 3D printing to get the best most cost effective results for your 3D printing prototyping workflow.

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