3D printed Statue of Hao Hakananaia

3D print of hoa hakananaia with iDig3Dprinting Black PLA filament

We thought we would 3D print this statue of Hao Hakananai’a (hidden or stolen friend), an Moai from Easter island that now resides in the British museum. The original is made of basalt but this one was 3D printed with our own brand Black iDig3Dprinting PLA 3D printer filament.


We obtained the file from the British museums collection of 3D prints on Sketchfab. We love this project whereby the museum is making available lots of 3D model files of the collection. We have had some successes with these files but bear in mind some of them are very large so they do require some preprocessing to get them to work,unless you have some type of super computer. We have found that it is a good idea to try and simplify the meshes first in Meshlab.

For this print we used the following specifications:

  • Material: iDig3Dprinting Black PLA

  • Layer Height: 0.28mm

  • Infill: 10%

  • Print Speed Perimeter: 30mm/sec

  • Print Speed Infill: 60mm/sec

  • Print Temp: 215C

  • Bed Temp: 60C

  • Fan: 35-50%


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