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Tiertime is a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, Beijing TierTime Technology Co. Ltd. They have specialised in the manufacture of personal 3D printers that can be used for prototype development, in schools, colleges and universities and in the home but TierTime also have a range of industrial level 3D printers in its Inspire series.

TierTime was originally formed under the name Beijing Yinhua Laser Rapid Prototyping and Mould Technology Co., Ltd  and was created by a Professor Yan Yongnian, who is recognized as the first person to explore 3D printing in China. TierTime has been in the 3D printing development industry for over 20years.

Their stated goals is to “Build micro factory for anyone anywhere anytime“. They produce quality 3D printers with production grade 3D printer components. Indeed their UP! 2 3D printer on which their UP! plus 2 3D printer design is based on. The Up! plus 2 won Make magazines “Best in Class: Just hit Print” award for 2014, out of 23 different models of 3D printer that were put through the paces for their Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014 .

Currently PP3DP offer three desktop 3D printers models together with a range of high quality 3D printer filament. We offer both the UP! plus 2, the UP! mini 3D printer and  the new UPBOX 3D printer PP3DP’s latest 3D printing model.

Take a look at our full range of Tiertime 3D printers.

  • Accolades

    • Award winning design
    • High quality, production grade components





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