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ColorFabb 3D printer filament
ColorFabb, or rather Helian Polymers, are a Dutch manufacturer of high quality 3D printer filaments. They are renowned for their PLA and also for their range of speciality filaments.

The company was started in 2011 by Ruud Rouleaux. Ruud drew on his experience in the plastics industry to begin the development and formulation plastics from which, using the ColorFabb brand they began trading as ColorFabb to sell their 3D printer filament.

Their PLA is mixed with PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), another bio-plastic, to make their PLA less brittle and tougher, similar to the Biome3D PLA made by 3Dom filaments.

As well as their quality PLA they also make the famous WoodFill and CopperFill filaments together with a range of wood fibre and metal particle impregnated PLAs. Their wood and metal effect filaments are the go to standard for these types of speciality 3D printer filament. The great thing about them is that they add an extra dimension to the types of products that you can make. After sanding and varnishing/polishing they come up looking very good. Great for jewellery and artwork as well as for 3D printing your architectural designs. If you are interested in trying ColorFabb speciality filaments we also sell Woodfill sample packs and copperfill sample packs.

bronzeFill metal 3D printer filament examplesIn addition to the wood and metal fill filaments they also make their colorFabb_XT XT copolyester filament. Their co-polyester filament was the result of a partnership with the Eastman chemical company and has resulted in the development of a food contact compliant tough 3D printer filament.

ColorFabbs ethos is to keep developing new and interesting filaments to diversify the range of finishes that people can print with. We are looking forward to seeing where they are going to go next.


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