UP 2 Plus 3D printer review video

out of the Box the UP Plus 2 3D printer

So we thought that you might link to see a review of the UP! Plus 2 3D printer from PP3DP

We have to admit this is not our review so we feel that it is impartial. We thought that we would share it as we thought that it was a fair and frank appraisal of the UP! Plus 2, but the guy is pretty pleased with it. I think that the advantages of the UP! plus 2 printer over money other models is that it is a very good for ABS printing and it is very easy to finish you printed model i.e. removing scaffolding and removing it from the printer bed.

One note though is please use a better technique with your scrapper and knife for removing the model from the perf board and cleaning it up, Always cut and scrape away from you and don’t put your hand in front of the blade when doing so.

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